8th American History

8th Grade U.S. HISTORYMeets daily Monday-FridaysRoom 203Students will understand the emergence and development ofcivilizations and cultures within the United States over time and place.United States history is the cultural history of the nation.

FREE history game. It is a role-playing game that involves becoming a young newspaper apprentice in pre-revolutionary Boston and interacting with characters both for and against British rule. I have been using it with my students and they are totally engrossed in it, all of them having played it many times through to improve their understanding. It can be played online or downloaded and installed on a local hard drive and takes minimal space, as it if FlashPlayer based.http://www.mission-us.org/
The Gilder Lehrman Collection of Primary Sources
The Gilder Lehrman Collection is a unique archive of primary sources in American history. Owned by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and located at the New-York Historical Society, the Collection includes more than 60,000 letters, diaries, maps, pamphlets, printed books, newspapers, photographs, and ephemera that document the political, social, and economic history of the United States. An extensive resource for educators, students, and scholars, the Collection ranges from 1493 through the twentieth century and is widely considered one of the nation’s great archives in the Revolutionary, early national, antebellum, and Civil War periods.
The Collection’s online catalog provides a comprehensive finding aid for our holdings. The groupings below contain an introduction to content in a particular era as well as selected searches to help you explore our resources.